Serving your business, farm or home.

Scotsmun Steel and The Nuthouse is your one-stop destination for metal, shop services and the highest quality fasteners to companies and individuals throughout Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan.

Empty Bolt Bin got you down? We can help! #never-run-out-of-bolts-again

Happiness and Feeders! #good- ag-supplies-make-me-glad

About us

Great service
Great products
Great people

Scotsmun Steel & The Nuthouse strive to get you the product you need when you need it. Our aim is to provide outstanding service, a large range of high-quality products in stock and competitive pricing . When you work with Scotsmun Steel, you know we'll do everything we can to serve you quickly and affordably.

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Orders cut to length, quantities as needed
  • Our locality saves you travel!
  • Call ahead or order online for convenient order readiness
  • Proud to be a local business that supports local initiatives
  • Local delivery and quick response times
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Contact us at 204 748 2319

Call, email, or order online. We're happy to answer any questions and assist you with your metal, fastener, shop supplies or welding needs.