Help Centre

1Can I order items online?
Yes, but you only pay when you come to the store to pick it up. Our online system (shopping cart) is to help assemble your order items. Once we receive an order we will check to see if you have an account with us, and may call you to confirm your order.
2Do I need to have an account with you?
Yes. If you have an account with us feel free to submit online orders if you prefer. If you do not have an account simply contact us and we'd be happy to look at setting one up for you.
3Will you ship my order?
We service the Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan areas only. Customers can order ahead for convenience and come by our store to pickup (and pay at the store). We do not mail items. However, we do offer local delivery if needed (either based on minimum order amounts or for a local delivery fee).
4Will you cut my steel order to length?
Yes, we're happy to sell by the foot and cut items to length as requested. Please note that cut orders are generally final, whereas full length pieces can be returned. We do not laser cut, and as such cut lengths should be considered rough cuts. If you require laser cutting we can arrange that for you!
5I want to replace the shingles on my roof with something different. What should I use?
More residential customers are having metal roofing installed on their homes. There is a growing trend that metal roofs are no longer for commercial buildings only.

We have heard people want to go to a metal roof because their asphalt shingles go bad in seven to 15 years and they're a little frustrated, so they switch because they just don't want to deal with that again. The allure of metal roofing systems is their longevity and their durability. Proponents say metal roofs also have environmental benefits and can reduce heating and cooling costs.

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